What the $*#! just happened?


So I guess this is happening. It’s real. I did it. A REAL blog. In the flesh! Well, there’s no flesh involved, but still. (It’s not that kind of blog…)

Here I am. “Essentially Momming” because let’s face it, all of us moms are, essentially, momming it up 24/7. It’s what we do. It ain’t easy and it isn’t always pretty but we mom and we mom HARD.

I’m here to show you how I mom and hopefully we can get through this journey together with some love, some laughs, and a whole lotta wine. Or in my case, a whole lotta anxiety but I don’t want to scare you right off the bat so let’s just go with wine.

I guess I should introduce myself. I’m a twenty-something laid back Pinterest mom who bakes and knits and vacuums every day and never forgets to make the bed.

Just kidding. I’m 33, married with a 5 year old son and I work full-time. I have like 15 hobbies on the side so I’m always running in 5 different directions and appear to be losing my mind at all times. I’ve left my coffee on the roof of my car more times than I care to remember and I can almost never find my car keys. My motto is ‘why use a fork when you can use a chip’. And I haven’t brushed my hair in 6 years.

But I’m momming my best and I’m trying to raise my kid as naturally and sanely as I can in this toxic world. I believe that we are evolving towards a more Earth-friendly era where we have awakened and are going to be more conscious of the products we use and the foods we consume. So I’m stumbling like a drunk college co-ed toward that vision and bringing you along with me. We’ll laugh and you’ll laugh at me and that’s okay because I’m like the CEO of the hot mess crazy train and I’m ok with that.

Thanks for joining me and let’s go mom the hell out of this day!



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